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Welcome to Elderease, where we strive to put the elderly at ease.

Who are we?

We're simply a group of grand kids and great nieces and nephews. We're normal people just like you guys.

Healthcare for middle and low class families is our main objective. We know we want the best for our loved ones now and forever and we simply want that for everyone.


Nothing makes us happier than bringing joy to people of all backgrounds and we hope to make a change through our organization.

What do we do?

We take the money that you give us and we put it straight to use. As a lower middle class citizen I know how hard it can be to recieve affordable healthcare and assistance. Therefore i know the best way to help people is to put the resources in their hands. Thats where we come in.


(Above is a picture of two of our clients who needed transportation to their aquatic therapy sessions.)

For more information or help, please contact our customer service representative.

Jay Reynolds


Email: jreynolds@123mail.com

Number: (555)-555-5555

(P.S This is Fake charity.)